Struggling with mathematics?

Struggling with homework

Get the help your child needs to succeed at school.

Sharpe Maths Tuition offers one-to-one Mathematics tuition in a friendly atmosphere.

Tuition in Mathematics can be a useful supplement to work in school. Many students are intimidated when it comes to asking questions in a large group such as a full class, and these students can go through their school lives with questions that are never answered.

This in turn can lead to lack of understanding and ultimately to the protestation that I hear all too often: "I can't do maths!" or "I hate maths!" which, like so many things in life, often amounts to the same thing.

Tuition can help, particularly with students who lack confidence, to allow them to ask the questions which will lead to fuller understanding in a safe and non-threatening situation.

It is important, when considering whether to employ a tutor, to ascertain whether the student wants to learn. If this is not the case no amount of extra tuition is going to make the difference. There is no substitute for determination, as with any endeavour and without the determination to succeed, no amount of tuition will help.

The aim here is to give students at all levels, the confidence they require to advance their understanding of the subject on a one-to-one basis where questions can be asked in a non-threatening environment.

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